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Repairs, Servicing & Setups

DL Guitars undertakes all kinds of repairs in store, from broken banjo's to faulty pick ups. Just drop your guitar off and we will do the rest.  We aim to turn around all repairs, setups and services in 2-4 working days. (Dependant on current workload)

Guitar Servicing

6 String Electric/Acoustic - £17.00 
6 String Electric Floyd Rose - £25.00 
12 String Electric/Acoustic - £25.00
Guitar Setups

6 String Electric - £35.00 
6 String Electric Floyd Rose - £45.00
6 String Acoustic - £40.00 
12 String Acoustic - £45.00
General Repairs

Restring (includes strings)
Single String from....£3.00
Two Strings from....£4.50
Three Strings from...£6.00
Full 6 string restring from (inc. strings at £5)....£12
Full restring, full body polish, fret board treated with lemon oil, 6 free plectrums (inc strings)....£17
Setups (includes strings)
Full set up Electric (neck set, saddle & nut, service machine heads, intonation)....£35.00
Full set up Acoustic (neck set, saddle & nut, service machine heads, intonation)....£40.00
Full set up Electric Floyd Rose style (as above plus intonation)....£45.00
Jack Sockets/Tone Pots
Replace jack socket Acoustic (+socket) ....£22
Replace jack socket Electric (+socket) ....£22
Replace jack socket barrel type Electric (+socket) ....£22
Replace volume or tone pot (plus pot) ....£25
Replace tone pot with coil tap  (plus pot)....£20
Replace pot to semi accoustic (ES335,175 etc) (plus pot) ....£40
Replace pot of jack socket in cello/fhole style guitar (inc. part) from....£40

Install/Replace pickup (plus part)....£35
Install/Replace pickup x2 (plus part)....£40
Install/Replace pickup x3 (plus part)....£45
Coil taps +£5 per pick up

Selector Switch
Fender style (plus switch)....£25
Gibson (plus switch)....£25
Semi Accoustic (ES335,175 etc) (plus switch).... £40

Full Rewire
Rewire solid body electric guitar from....£60
Rewire electro acoustic guitar from....£60                                                                     

New Machine Heads
Fit new machine heads (exc. parts) from....£25
orders over £150
Call Us: 01709 252 136